For over 30 years, PNS Group has been committed to the self-reliance for company and its country by being a pioneer offset printing technology provider, reaching out to the printing needs of many in Bangladesh and abroad. Since its inception in 1978, PNS Group has grown in size, scale, and diversity. After decades successful journey it has expanded its business in the arena of real estate development, creative art and graphic design outsourcing etc. In the recent years PNS Group has successfully established itself into the field of Information & communication technology. The headquarters of PNS Group is located in Victoria, Australia.

The Group today has five actively Operating Concerns and a few conceptual business ventures. As of 2013, the Group currently employs more than five hundred people directly and a few indirectly as suppliers contractors, dealers and retailers. PNS operates in five broad segments namely


  • PNS Builders Limited.
  • Brissett Rollers Bangladesh Ltd.
  • PNS Graphic Australia Pty Limited.
  • PNS Media & Communications Ltd.

We have strengthened our market leadership at home while reaching out to international markets. Ranging from real estate business to delivering industrial print machines, print rollers and graphic design outsourcing solutions – PNS Group is committed to ensuring the best in quality standards and living the Group’s five core values – Integrity, Excellence, Customer Delight , Innovation and Inspiring People. We aim at driving growth, prosperity, ethical values and serve our customers through unparalleled quality excellence and service superiority.


Our Mission:


  • To cater to the overall industrial development in the country
  • To create employment opportunity
  • Cater to foreign currency savings
  • To contribute to the economy of the society and country

Type of Activities :
Real Estate Developers, Reconditioned Offset Printing & Packaging Machinery Import and Sales, Manufacturing of rubber rollers for Printing Machinery, Electronic Media, Information & Communication Technology .


Business Activities Countries :
USA, Canada, Thailand, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippine, Dubai, South Africa, China, Indonesia.